Saturday, July 28, 2012

Students iPad Fest on July 23rd 2012

Ever heard of a technology festival?
Well, there's one called the "iPad Fest" at Taylor's College, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Who's repsonsible for the iPad Fests?
The Learning Technology Unit.

How long has this iPad Fests been going on?
Since October 2011 with the first iPad Fest called "Oct iPad Fest".

What's in the iPad Fests?
Well, sharing and learning.  Those who stumbled upon an app and know how to use it, to share with others who do not know about it.

How was it conducted?
It was conducted in several manner:
a. Carousel Session a.k.a Speed Dating
b. Seminar with 5 stations

How many iPad Fests so far?
Oct 2011
Nov 2011
Feb 2012
March 2012
April 2012
All of the above iPad Fests were by lecturers for lecturers

May 2012
June 2012
All of the above iPad Fests were by Admin for all staff

July 2012
The above iPad Fest was by students for students

The next iPad Fest in August will also see student presenters sharing more apps with other students.

How successful are the iPad Fests in helping the staff and students in embracing the iPad Technology?
For Academics - they have started a scaled down sharing session at their own programmes.
For Admin - they have started coming to iPad Fests to learn of more apps to be used by them in their work.
For Students - they want more iPad Fests so that they can share and learn from each other (the true spirit of Net-Geners)

What are the apps shared by the students in the July iPad Fest?
1.     iSolutions
2.     iTunes U
3.     iMathematics
4.     Flipboard
5.     Khan Academiy
6.     Graphic calculator
7.     Evernote
8.     Video calculus
9.     Wolfram Algebra
10.   Wolfram Calculus
11.   Calculator
12.   Element
13.   You Tube and Wikipanion

Watch this video from the most recent iPad Fest in July.