Monday, August 4, 2008

Student-Centered Classroom

As teachers and educators, we might be wondering how a student-centered classroom would look like. We have been exposed to workshops on Student-Centered Learning but never seen a real class in action. We have been asked to use our own creativity but most of the time, we fumbled and no help is extended. Instead, we get a lot of complaints from the students and parents. Then again, our superiors are not supportive of our change from teacher-centered to student-centered as the superiors have not received training in Student-Centered Learning.
So, to help teachers and educators to see how a student-centered classroom looks like, I found a video in You Tube entitled Maintaining Classroom Discipline by Using Democratic Methods. But once you've viewed this video, you'll find that it's more on Student-Centered Learning in a social study classroom on the subject Democracy. I hope you'll learn something from the video because I surely did.

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