Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tactilize @ Learning Innovation Talks (LIT03)

There are so many apps in the Apple App Store and new ones come in hundreds every day.  Which tool is suitable for education?  Which tool is suitable for your lesson?

Well, I discovered one new app called "Tactilize" by chance somewhere last year.  I started looking at it and looked at what others used this app for.  Then I started playing around with it and hey! I loved it more than Prezi! (no offence prezi).

Why do I love it more than prezi?

I love it more than Prezi for several reasons:
#1 : I can get everything onto ONE page + the background of my choice + create the atmosphere I like.
#2 : It doesn't make my audience DIZZY!

Yeah! I have had complaints that after my presentation using Prezi, people get dizzy.  This is due to the panning and zooming.  Until I met Tactilize, I tried to reduce the panning and zooming in my prezi presentations.

Now, with Tactilize, I don't have to worry that my audience/students will get seasick!

Below is the link to the morning session in Learning Innovation Talks (LIT 03) which was done as a fully online session.  The BEST part was...... I presented with my iPad using the WizIQ app! Never been done before and I got the opportunity to do this because my laptop's mic didn't work on that day!  A glitch is a blessing in disguise! 

Click on the link to watch the morning session awesome presenters/speakers.  My presentation is the last for the morning session.
Learning Innovation Talks (LIT 03) Morning Session

And here's the link to the awesome presenters/speakers in the afternoon session.
Learning Innovation Talks (LIT 03) Afternoon session

A video I created to show how Tactilize looks like on the iPad.

So, we have the technology a.k.a the tool, now comes the question of how do we design our lessons using this tool. We must design the lesson to be pedagogically correct for our students so that they would be able to improve on their learning and not just be awed with the new app in the iPad.

To be able to do so, I used Gagne's 9 Events of Instructions: Gagne's 9 Events of Instruction

Using Gagne's 9 Events of Instruction to create one lesson on Aromatic Hydrocarbon using Tactilize.  You can point your cursor to the tiny icons and click on it, the text, video and links will pop up.

Designed on Tactilize (view online)

Tactilize can be used as an educational tool provided we create our lessons using the proper pedagogy such as Gagne's 9 Events of Instruction to engage our students and improve their learning.
A tool alone cannot educate or improve a student's learning.
When a student improves learning using the tool, then the tool is worth using.
What drives learning using any form of tools is pedagogy.

"When the emphasize is on technology, then learning comes second." ~ wise saying.

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